Welcome to 1800 Miles, which is a website designed for and built around the long distance relationship. With the incredible rise of so many who are living independently of their significant other, I found it important to share any advice, knowledge or “life hacks” to go along with my own personal story. Long distance relationships (LDR’s) do not come with an instruction manual and sometimes it’s not easy to endure one when the people you’re closest to do not have the experience or understanding to help you through. The internet has become an incredible gateway that helped each and every one of us find out significant other and through this, I hope that it can also lend support and instill a community for those separately creating their own stories. Welcome to my 1800 miles of separation. How far are you from where you want to be?

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There are many articles out there to help you on your long distance relationship journey from the budding stages to the final process of coming together in one physical location. This is the home where everything can come together as one in a library of wealth to help you along your way. If there is anything you wish to see that you haven’t come across yet, please feel free to contact me.


Welcome! I am Alexis, more commonly known as just, Lex, a small town girl living in rural Alberta, Canada. I met my love, Ryan, by random chance nearly 3 years ago, though I didn’t know at the time he would have such a drastic impact on my life. It took us another year of different life circumstances to stage a moment in time where we shifted from acquaintances to friends then transitioned to love interests. Enter the long distance relationship…

Did I understand what a long distance relationship (LDR) would mean? Did I envision what it would entail? Did I comprehend how the very act of living in a long distance relationship would change me as a person? There were a thousand little ways in which I found my life, my character, my interpersonal relationships changing. And guess what? I had no one around me that knew what I was going through or to give me advice to successfully navigate it. Google had become my mom, girlfriend and school on how to survive this LDR I had committed myself to, but even then it felt like a lonely path to follow and cold comfort.

But wait, there are millions of people going through the same thing right? Absolutely! With the invent of the internet has come an incredible rise in the way people are connecting with one another from all over the planet and so goes it with the explosion of the long distance relationship. Ryan and I are not a unique couple in this world creating, maintaining and surviving a long distance relationship. I went in search of things that felt the way I did, asked the same questions I had, gave answers that would inspire, resonate and build a body of knowledge to go along with my long distance relationship. What I did not find is the sense of community, the camaraderie and occasionally the commiseration that comes with the personal side of an LDR.

I hope to build my 1800 miles to be exactly what I had been looking for. I wish to help and advise others. I hope to inspire and comfort. I endeavor to pull all of us together who are in the same boat to fish out the answers from the sea of questions so that we are better prepared to go through the incredible journey that is the long distance relationship.

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